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Here they are videos from the most spectacular nude beaches in the world! These were filmed by our favorite cameraman, Peter.   Peter knows how to operate camera, zooming in for the best shot, aiming for the best lighting and using only the highest quality equipment.    The end result is a crystal clear video images.

This is a picture of 13 year old nudist Misha enjoying a most beautiful vista over the Mediterranean.     The warm clear waters make for an ideal Naturist setting.   Misha has been a Naturist since she was little girl along with her siblings, parents and grandparents.   Living in Kiev, the standard of living is very high but the long Winters are rather dreary. 

Her family purchased a cedar log beach house, complete with sauna and indoor bath / pool for their stays in the family Nudist Camp near this beach.

Nudist kids tend to be the most active.  From building sand castles, to splashing in the ocean, to playing volleyball or just horsing around on the beach the exercise is endless.     I notice that for some reason parents tend to take a more active role in their childrens' activities at nude beaches, though I'm not sure exactly why.  Perhaps being free from clothes also frees one of other inhibitions and makes one feel more youthful and energetic.
Pavel pours cool water over himself as the day heats up.    This majestic moment was captured by our videographer in the late afternoon of one of the summer's hottest days.   

Pavel's family are also regulars at at the clothing optional beaches along the Mediterranean.     This was taken during the Summer of 2007.   Over 500 people were estimated in attendance that day at Summer Festival.

Here is an overview of the nude beach from the cliffs above.   You can tell how warm the water is by how many people are in it.   There is no more glorious way to spend the day than soaking up the sun on a warm Mediterranean beach!
These proud construction workers just completed their crowning glory, a castle to be envied by any royalty.   The teenagers pictured here took second prize in a sandcastle building contest.
The Holy Nature group gathers for a day of activities at their nudist beach in Russia.    A complete account of this group can be found in our book, Holy Nature:  A Celebration of Naturism in Today's Russia. In addition to about 100 full page color pictures, it also includes an interview with young nudists Alla and her friend Paulina, Alla's mother, Mikhail the president of the group, and many others including the president of the St. Petersburg Green Party.
You can see the where the video Odessa on the Rocks gets it's name from.    This spectacular beach brings out unbridled exuberance among those fortunate enough to enjoy an afternoon at this beach.
The United Nations of Nudists.  
These 3 nudist teenagers hike along the cliffs of a private island on their way to some ancient castle ruins.
Body painting is a favorite pass time on the nude beach.    The man lies patiently as the artist creates a masterpiece.
Out photographers are of all ages and eager to document their fantastic lifestyle and times.
A typical fun day at the beach.
Hard to have a serious discussion when one person is wearing a plastic yellow floaty but no one really cares at this beach, it's all in the spirit of beach fun.

Twenty years of living with and filming family Naturist groups worldwide all on one site!   With over 200 hours of high resolution crystal clear digital video we are now opening up our archives and making our videos available for the first time ever in our exclusive Members area.   Each month new original family nudist videos will be added to the members area.    With over 200 hours of video, we are the worlds largest owner of exclusive content.    You are at the source we produce them and now make them available direct to you!


Free Nudist Video Club


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